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Efry Ottawa wishes to thank the following 2013 Outstanding Volunteers:

Martine Mgboron: Courthouse, voluntered since July 2013

Martine continues to go above and beyond in her role within the court support program offered by our agency. Not only does she continue to offer a significant amount of support to the criminalized individuals going through the court process, her level of dedication and detailed knowledge of EFry’s court support role has shaped Martine into becoming an excellent role model to new volunteers joining our team. Additionally, Martine has been a huge help for EFry staff, as she voluntarily dedicates two full days a week to our cause. For all your continued devotion we at E Fry would like to thank you Martine, as you are a true asset to our agency.

Courtney Ostapiuk: Ottawa-Carleton Detention Center (OCDC), volunteered since December 2011

Since becoming an EFry volunteer, Courtney Ostapiuk has continued to demonstrate herself as both committed and reliable through her involvement with our OCDC support program. Throughout each visit, she ensures to devote her time, energy, and support to the women at OCDC, and to that we owe her a great deal of thanks. Having volunteers come into OCDC each week is something these women look forward to, and it is because of positive, compassionate volunteers like Courtney that this continues to be the case. On behalf of EFryOttawa, we would like to thank you Courtney for your continued efforts.

Samantha Styczynski: JF Norwood House, volunteered since March 2013

As a dedicated volunteer at JF Norwood House, Samantha Styczynski has provided a significant amount of her time and energy to assist both the women residing at JFN and EFry staff. Through her assistance, Samantha continues to lend support by accompanying the residing women into the community to run errands, attend important appointments, or to simply enjoy leisure activities that otherwise may not be possible to do so for some. When she’s not out in the community, she is always eager to socialize with the women in the house and provide EFry staff a helping hand whenever needed. We would like to thank Samantha for her ongoing efforts, along with her endless acts of compassion and kindness provided to the women residing at JF Norwood House.

Become a volunteer

Volunteer Information

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa! Please send your application form to


along with the following information:

Please check back in the Fall 2014 for possible openings.


*Date of Birth:



*Postal Code:

*Phone (day time):

*Phone (evening):

*Emergency Contact:



How did you hear aboout the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa and our volunteer Opportunities?

Describe any paid or volunteer experiance that may contribute to your volunteer experience with Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa.

Please indicate your prgram interests:

A: Direct Service:

- Court Support

- Detention Centre Visitor

- J F Norwood House

B: Other Interest:

- Administration

- Driver

- Assist with the special Events Planing / Fund-raising


Thank you!

Coordinator of Volunteers

Volunteer initiatives Program*

*Mandatory fields

Volunteer Initiatives Program

*Note VIP is funded by the United Way/ Centraide Ottawa

***Please expect between 2 to 4 weeks for your volunteer application form to be processed and read.  Once your form is processed, a staff member will contact you via telephone to obtain more information.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to speaking with you!***



The following section provides some important information about the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa and volunteer requirements. If you have any questions about any of this information, or you wish to know more, please feel free to contact Volunteer our Coordinator of Volunteers. As well, feel free to browse the other information provided on this site. Program Write-Up (.doc)

Volunteer Programs

Since its inception, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa has benefited from the work and support of volunteers. Elizabeth Fry Ottawa currently has three main Volunteer Programs: the Courthouse Program, the Jail Visiting Program and the JF Norwood House Program. Volunteers are also encouraged to spread their wings in the areas of outreach, assistance with special events/ fundraising, and office administration.

The Courthouse Program

Volunteers will assist anyone who are awaiting court proceedings and offer non-judgmental support together with information about the court system and community resources. The Elizabeth Fry office provides women with a relaxed and child-friendly environment. Office hours are 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

JF Norwood House

Volunteers assist in supporting women living at the residence, offering social interaction, life skills, advocacy, accompaniment, and supervision. They bring special talents and interests to share with the residents.

There is no prerequisite experience or skill required to become a volunteer, only the willingness to learn (a criminal record check is necessary). All necessary training will be provided.

Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa offers support to local women who are provincially and federally sentenced in the province of Ontario. Through our program at the Ottawa Cerleton Detention Centre, volunteers provide social activities for women in custody at OCDC through weekly visits.  Professional staff are also on site to provide counselling support, community reintegration planning, and an Anger Solutions group.


Volunteer Q & A

What Does It Mean to be a Volunteer With The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa?

It is the mission of The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa to work with women who are, or are at risk of coming into conflict with the law. Our volunteers are required to support our purpose and our mission. By offering your time and services as a volunteer, you will not only be helping the women we work with, but you will also be benefiting your community and yourself.

Requirements to Join The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa:

An interest in furthering our cause
Commitment to our mission and core purposes
Dedication to the work and a time commitment
The ability to be non-judgmental and open-minded

What is Expected of Volunteers?

Attendance at the orientation/training session
Keeping track of hours volunteered and submitting them
Contacting your supervisor when you cannot make a shift
Excellent communication skills and team spirit
A positive attitude and genuine willingness to help others
A general attitude of acceptance and tolerance
Attendance at Volunteer Gatherings

How Do I Benefit From Being a Volunteer?

As a volunteer for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa, you will gain valuable experiences and a sense of satisfaction that you are there to help women in distress. You will also receive a reference letter upon completion of your required hours and on going feedback during your volunteer placement. As well, countless friendships have been formed between volunteers. Volunteers will be invited to join our Volunteer Gatherings to share information and to participate in a lot of fun activities.

I've Received the Information Package - Now What?

The second step is filling out the volunteer application form along with the consent forms for a criminal reference check. Return these forms to us, and once your application is received by the Volunteer Coordinator, she will contact you to set an appointment to discuss your interests with The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa. This meeting will give the Volunteer Coordinator and yourself an opportunity to discuss what The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa has to offer you. It is possible that not everyone who attends the interview will become a volunteer. Once the interview is completed, you will be asked to join the next volunteer training session.
Thank you for choosing The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa.
We hope that you will be joining our volunteer team.

Do You Need Experience?

Are you interested in working with women who have been or who are at risk of coming into conflict with the law? Are you hard-working and wish to help make a difference for your community? If so, please consider volunteering with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa.

By volunteering, you are not only helping your community, but you are also helping yourself. Gain valuable experience, skills, and training by volunteering in JF Norwood House, at the courthouse, the detention centre, in our office, or as a volunteer driver.

Please note that references will be provided after completion of required hours.

For more details, please contact Marie-Josée